Princeton Measurements Corporation

Alternating gradient & vibrating sample
magnetometer systems

Alternating gradient magnetometer:
Measurement range - 1 microemu to 5 emu full scale
Sensitivity - 10 nanoemu standard deviation, 1 Sec per point

Vibrating sample magnetometer:
Measurement range - 50 microemu to 10 emu full scale
Sensitivity - 0. 5 microemu standard deviation, 1 Sec per point

Combination Alternating gradient and vibrating sample magnetometer systems:

Providing maximum magnetic measurement flexibility

  • The fastest most sensitive magnetometer systems available today
  • Princeton measurements corporation, a leader in magnetic measurement instrumentation since 1987
  • Hardware and software compatibility for both vibrating sample and alternating gradient measurement techniques

Learn more about PMC systems or visit Lake Shore for full product line information, sales and service.

PMC Joins Lake Shore!

We are pleased to announce that Princeton Measurements Corporation is now part of Lake Shore Cryotronics.

Lake Shore's global sales and service team will be supporting PMC systems in the field and selling PMC AGMs and VSMs alongside the Lake Shore VSMs.

Please visit Lake Shore's site for news and full product line information.

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